Comments: Taxi: Heaven For Mediation

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Enriqueta , México, D.F.     09/29/08
The article is great, it shows clearly the importance of the humanities habilities, it was a pleassure to read a Luis Miguel Díaz, he is one ofe the best mediators actually.

David Bogan, Auckland NZ     09/28/08
Hello Luis, thank you for another wonderful article. It is so good to have experienced (to say nothing of highly qualified) mediators writing about the 'human connection' the pivotal role of perception, and art as a universal language. I often think it is too easy for us as mediators to forget the 'function' for the 'form' and entertaining reminders such as this are a great way to help us stay on course. Thank you.

Gustavo , Alhambra CA     09/24/08
Art of Story Telling for Mediators
I enjoyed your article and it reminded me of lessons from the teachings of Don Juan, by Carlos Castaneda. I definitely want to review your other articles and writings after reading this contribution and style of teaching. Gustavo 9/24/08

Hernany , Rome It   09/23/08
How can I get a Visa to Taxi? Great article!

Alan , London     09/22/08
Luis I love the sentiments in your dialogue, that conflict resolution is a positive act of creativity and that no-one can resolve our conflicts for us......even though our structures and institutions are based on the fallacy that they can. Conflict prevention is 'unnatural' as well as impossible, in my view, and so to embrace conflict as natural and almost a 'gift' is a much healthier way of living our lives. Thank you for the article. Alan Sharland