Comments: The Importance Of Follow Up

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Dan , Calgary AB   08/14/08
Stuck with non-billable hours?
I guess it's a pure coincident when the topic of billable hours came up in a conversation yesterday. What matters to a mediator when managing his/her own practice? To me, I believe it's more about my integrity. As a mediator, clarity is key. If my service agreement draws a line on what activities fall into billable hours, I have never hesitate to bill. I promote choices. Followup is simply a matter of choice, whether I offer follow-up support and whether my client accepts and agrees to be billed before I invest these hours of work. Shouldn't we conduct our business with what we preach? However, I do agree some clients are likely to be short-sighted. I will price a reasonable amount into the service agreement whenever is possible. In short, I see the value of follow-up as much as John in his article.

Carolyn Rosenblatt, San Rafael CA     08/13/08
Thanks for your useful article.
I found the article timely and useful. However, I also find that participants at mediation are sometimes reluctant to pay for more mediator time to deal with post-mediation issues. The theory is solid. The stumbling block is that it can cost money some folks just don't want to pay. If they are willing, it can keep the participants from undoing the good work they've done in a mediation.