Comments: Pele: An Inspiration For Teamwork In Negotiated Solutions

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Jim Melamed, Eugene OR   06/11/08
As an old time soccer hack, I think you for this article. Not only is soccer "the beautiful game," it is perhaps the most democratic of sports. A great book for all is "How Soccer Explains the World" by Franklin Foer. Pele was one of the first to truly bring the world together in admiration of his creativity and skill. I had a chance to meet Pele as a teenager (me the teenager) in Chicago growing up. Might we each have a bit of the majesty of Pele. Most notable for me was his enjoyment of the game and of life. I was especially taken by his willingess to engage in the unexpected and that so often this made all the difference.

David Bogan     06/11/08
Hello Luis, Thank you for another great article. I particularly like the bit about ritual. It is often hard for mediators, especially experienced ones, who get to believe they know the score before playing the game. This leads to all sorts of problems, not the least of which is that you cannot have an acceptable 'score' or outcome without 'playing the game.'