Comments: To Talk Or Not To Talk With The Enemy, That Is The Question

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KAMALI , Kigali   07/14/08
Thanks for Noa
I do think that it is more important to sit down with the one's we see as our ennemies to avoid future conflict. Sometimes we are proud of ourselves and we think it would be shameful to have a conversation with our ennemies, but the consequences are very havy and in the end of the day( after wars and deaths)we are obliged to nagociate! Noa is true when she seem to say that many bads things in America or in Irak wouldn't have happened if americans authorities had met Oussama Ben Laden or Saddam Hussein. I think it is better to avoid wars, conflicts,genocides, before it happens than to reconfigure when things fall apart. Thanks to Noa

Debra , Portland,Beaverton OR   06/11/08
The Eye of the Beholder
Thank you for your thoughts. You ask: "Who do they see as enemies in the first place and based on what?" Although I'm not an expert on anything, by any means, my experience has demonstrated time and again that perception is the key. And, perceptions are often (usually?) spawned by unchecked facts, interpretations, inferences and preconceived assumptions. Of course, all of these can blur one's vision and create obstacles to deeper understanding. Certainly, not everyone I've ever met in my lifetime has liked me. However, I am very happy to say that I have no enemies and can't imagine naming anyone as my "enemy." What I do have is appreciation for getting to know and better understand people along with a profound respect for differences. Thanks again.