Comments: Bye Bye, Win-Win

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Bart Castle, Bedford TX   05/22/08
Unfortunately, the notion "Win/Win" has been watered down and often becomes a weak solution when individuals and organizations refuse to devote the time necessary to negotiate past the most obvious level, one or both parties to the negotiations do not understand their own goals beyond the most basic level or both. Win-win was not put forward as an option for weenies. I would argue the resulting negotiating style labeled "win-win" is not a problem with the philosophy rather with the lazy implementation of the philosophy.

David Bogan, Auckland NZ     05/21/08
bye bye, win-win
Hello Edward, Thank you for your entertaining article. I've personally always found it easier to introduce the process as a lose-lose where both parties have to give up something to get what they want - and then I explain that this is going to make them feel depressed and that that's ok, and when they see me getting depressed, then we all know it's really working.