Comments: Of War and Negotiation: Part 2: The Passion Play - Tolstoy’s War and Peace

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Rachel Green, Brooklyn NY     01/28/08
Great & thought-provoking article. We have all seen this, in family mediation practice. I am often sitting in my office, puzzled, as I watch 2 people in an entrenched battle, wondering why it is so addictive and compelling that they can't, and don't want, to give it up? I think one additional piece is the psychological. If Anne were to forgive, perhaps she would open the door a crack to the idea that she might have contributed to the break-up of her marriage. if she holds vigilantly to her narrative, as presented, where she is the blameless victim, then she can continue to receive/ask for sympathy, and the divorce does not have to threaten her self-esteem.