Comments: Informal Conflict Resolution:A Workplace Case Study

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Carol , Gillette Wy     09/25/12
I liked that fact that they had an Ombudsman, a term that I was previously unfamiliar with. (believe it's liked to a mediator) This really seemed to take the situation and possible resolutions to another level. A unbiased third party is very helpful so all sides can see different points of view. Thanks for the new terminology.

OLUSOLA , Glendale   07/26/11
In conflicts when the two parties don't take time to communicate how they really feel about the issues that caused the conflict, it is likely that the parties will come out unsatisfied with their relationships.

Bertheneema , Dar Es Salaam   06/18/11
i like the text is very wonderful, i wish to see the resolution

Kristin    02/03/11
enjoyed this essay
even though this is now considered old writing, I enjoyed it very much. engaging and still applicable today (2011).

Rachel , College Station TX   05/12/06
Missing Parts?
I was very engaged in this article, and would have liked to read the ending. Otherwise, very informative and easy to understand.

Rebecca    02/23/06
I would have liked to see the resolution to this conflict. It defintely has some good tips for resolving conflict.

chitralekha narayan, Bangalore KA   11/07/05
I can't believe this article stops midway. Would you please upload the whole article? Thanks.

Ramona , annapolis MD   05/30/05
My comments about article
I was disappointed that the article breaks off in the middle. I would like to read all of it.

Faye  , Flint MI     02/22/01
A Workplace Case
I read your article and found it most interesting also applicable to my personal situation. The article covers some useful information that I have been studying in my Conflict Resolution class. This type of information is useful personally and professionally.

annette , pittsburgh pa   02/22/01
Bowen theory
Mullen, I read your article with interest. I invite you to learn about the Western Pennsylvania Family Center founded in 1985 and training and consulting in Bowen theory. Founders were students of Dr. Bowen. The library here allows members to borrow video and audiotapes. An online self study course will be available this year. The publication, the Collected Papers of Paulina G. McCullough, is now available. She is the founding executive director and student of Bowen. There is a series of tapes about organizational behavior and Bowen theory also available. I tell you all of this because of your obvious interest.

Mullen     09/06/00
A good book on family systems theory is "Extraordinary Relationships: A New Way of Thinking About Human Interactions" by Roberta M. Gilbert, MD. You can order it through 20, 1998)

David     09/06/00
A well written piece with lots of new learning for me. The application of family systems is very interesting. Can you refer me to further reading on Familiy systems and Differentiation? Thanks for taking the time to share with us. (August 19, 1998)