Comments: Purchasing Habits of Sophisticated Mediation Services Consumers

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Charles Parselle, Los Angeles CA     09/14/07
Sometimes someone does some valuable work and shares it with us all by writing something really useful. This article is one of those occasions. You couldn't go out and buy this stuff. You couldn't get it at all unless you knew who to call. Thanks are due to JK for getting it and sharing it.

David , Wellington, New Zealand   09/06/07
Useful research thanks. On a one-off enquiry of a similar nature,and given most of the findings above, I received the comment that "the difference between hopeless cases that settle and those that dont is the degree of positive energy the mediator brings into the room." I guess it means working with optimism to help overcome the frustration of impasse. It helps in repeat requests.

Allison Livingston, Santa Cruz CA     09/04/07
Thank you for doing this great research on such an important topic, What do mediation consumers want? Information like this will help us all tailor our services to meet our client's needs better and in turn get more business.