Comments: ADR and the Talmud

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Jay Isenberg, AIA, Minneapolis MN     05/24/07
ADR and the Talmud
Thank you Chava for your comments on the article and thoughts on the Talmud. You're right, exploring opposites and seeking the unifying points is part of our tradition. Perhaps you can suggest some other material and texts that bear on this exploration? It is an ongoing effort, this "exploring your Jewishness" and finding its intersections in other pursuits. I am continuing this in an upcoming architectural installation this August in Minneapolis called "Dialogue on the Wall" which explores the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through the presentation in mixed media of the competing narratives that underlie this ongoing struggle onto a constructed semblance of the Separation Wall at Form + Content Gallery. I am happy to send you an invitation if interested. Shalom, jhi

Chavah Golden, Chicago IL     05/09/07
Talmud and Mediation
That neutral point and the bearing of opposites is the subject of deep and ongoing Jewish explorations. Jews tend to look for the unifying point. Mediation seems a fit profession for those who seek the neutral point. Women in our Chabad congregation learn Talmud as well as Jewish philosophy and psychology. Nowadays, all Jews have access to what only male scholars were allowed to learn in the recent past (350 years). Your article is inspiring and motivating. I hope you will explore your Jewishness. It sounds like you are prone to do so.