Comments: The Where of Mediation: Choosing the Right Location for a Facilitated Negotiation

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Ray , Bromsgrove   01/21/12
Construction Law Student (UK - Masters)
This article has really inspired me to focus my masters dissertation on both the physical and emotional environment in which mediation takes place. Also the win or lose culture which has been reported as growing due to the increase in using more highly qualifed law specilists, which is potentially damaging the long term working relationships between the parties.....

David , Honolulu HI   03/26/07
Location for Mediation
Paula, I really enjoyed your article. I have reached similar conclusions re location from my experience as a mediator and party/representative. My preference is "off site" and at a benign somewhat relaxing neutral location; this has worked quite well for us in the past. Linda Meyer would be a great reference. Bob Wrede sent me your article. Thanks again. David Franzel.