Comments: The Beauty of Conflict: Art Lessons, Lateral Thinking, and Creative Problem Solving

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Marie Bader, Walton KY     03/13/07
This is an excellant article,well written & thought provoking. It is always encouraging and refreshing to examine what we do from a fresh perspective

Ericka , Arlington MA   03/13/07
Pithy as usual, Robert. You see the world in a way that keeps me thinking about what I do and why I do it. Thank you!

Diane Goullard Parlante, Phoenix AZ   03/12/07
What an extraordinarily well-written and organized article and how interesting. I would be curious to know more on the results this mediator has experienced in his practice? Why does the author consider it necessary to study was to pursue peace? Do they not cancel each other out? Thank you. Diane Goullard Parlante URL: