Comments: Early ADR in U.S. History: Talking versus War

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David , Tel Aviv IS   03/05/07
Your Article Talking Versus War
You are perfectley correct. Also resistance can not end , only by talks and agreements.

Elaine , Palo Alto CA   02/25/07
Mediation in History
Thankyou for this article it is the first I have come across that looks for examples of mediation in US history. I understood that a difficult negotiation process took place that might be seen to parallel mediation, that is the parties met and had an opportunity to consider each others point of view. But this was over a period of mayhem destruction and war that finally persuaded the British to accept the U.S conditions. That is the devastation of 20 years of war prevailed over any efforts to bring about a settlement through negotiation. Did I miss something? elaine elbizri