Comments: Negotiating with Oneself: Ego, Id and Superego

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Reuven Kruger, Jerusalem   11/30/06
Pungent and provocative use of colorful metaphor to x-ray the psychodynamics of meditation. Well-done.

Michael , Delray FL     11/30/06
Identity, Ego, and Super Ego
In the study of Freud's "Dreams", Identity is who a person is at their core. Ego is the buffer between one's identity and one's environment (i.e., Super Ego). To equate "Ego" (this buffer) being a mediator is charming, but that means another buffer/mediator has his/her own identity, ego, and super ego to contend with. Thus, this is a complex view because another equation is added to the mix. A better analysis is to understand the 3 Freudian elements applicable to the party(s). Accordingly, a mediator can be more effective as opposed to viewing the mediator as the buffer/ego of a party's personna.