Comments: A Guide to the Mediation Blogosphere

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Myles  Stilwell , Palmerston North NZ   11/05/06
Great to see this Geoff. It looks really interesting, and very handy links for those of us who have been a bit slow off the mark re blogs. Thanks, Myles

Dina , Boston MA   10/30/06
10 Reasons Why I Blog!
Geoff, terrific piece. I thought I'd take a shot at putting up my own top 10 list, just like Victoria's. Here goes... 10. I get to spend time trolling the Internet and still call it work. 9. My research keeps me abreast of new developments in ADR and business. 8. Testing cool software is really fun. 7. I get to talk about marketing with a bunch of exciting entrepreneurs. 6. One bit of advice can save hours of effort and angst. 5. I want to be Diane Levin when I grow up. 4. My family is tired of listening to my 'mediation marketing ideas' 3. My mom always told me it was polite to share. 2. The world needs every single peacemaker to stay in the field and working. 1. I want every mediator to have the life and practice they dream of. Geoff, you're groovy! Best, Dina Beach Lynch

Vickie Pynchon, Beverly Hills CA     10/29/06
mediator blah blah
Geoff's blog is a breath of fresh air at the end of a day dealing with fussy lawyers, difficult clients and (more than I would like) a sense of failure to achieve the perfect integrative settlement. Geoff makes me laugh and helps me remember one of the top five reasons I'm mediating -- because mediators ARE MY PEOPLE. I have found them. Finally. Let's see if I can do the reverse TOP FIVE REASONS why I blog: (5) it's instantaneous & I've always agreed with Meryl Streep in Postcards from the Edge that instant gratification is TOO SLOW; (4) I get to bring EVERYTHING I'm interested into my blog -- narrative, neuroscience, law, psychology, sociology, cartoons (!) and burritos; (3) blogging raises my spirits because when I'm writing I remind myself of all the good work we're all capable of doing and that I've landed smack dab in the middle of a group of people who are dedicated to doing good as well as doing well; (2) I get to tell people's stories,which are always surprising and usually touching and poignant; and, (1) I get to live in this very small community where New Zealand feels just next door. Entering the blogosphere feels like I imagine it would be to move into a new town in one of the fly-over states, say, Sioux City Iowa, where the neighbors come with casseroles, gardening tips, school recommendations and warnings about the neighborhood flasher. I like that. I also like that the blogosphere is collaborative and reciprocal. Oops, that's six. Add as 7th that I'm my own editor. A good and bad thing. Thanks Geoff and Diane for paving the way and welcoming each new blogger with open arms!