Comments: Improve Your Ability to Handle Workplace Conflict: An Interview with Judy Ringer

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Janet , Toronto ON     04/04/08
Improving One's Ability to handle conflict never ends
Judy, your article is very well balanced, showing both the employee's and supervisor's dispositions. I enjoyed your plain language style in communicating the topic of 'conflict' and how to be objective in handling onself amidst the chaos of 'emotions'. Thank you.

Diane Dorion, Toronto On     10/11/06
Your comments are common sense comments that people don't see when they are in a conflict. This is a good article for people managers of all levels and even their employees. Everyone needs to have and show common sense in a conflict but emotions often override everything else. Thank you for the refresher on conflict management and difficult conversations.

Dale , Dayton OH   09/22/06
Judy: I appreciate the reflections and insight you present in this interview. They are very consistent with my experiences as an employee and in my work with conflict management. Gaining the courage and skills to address these types of problems would be of great benefit to organizations. Dale Eilerman Conflict Solutions Ohio