Comments: Mediation And The Principle Of Neutrality

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Maame Esi , Accra   06/24/08
Apt and clearly well researched!!

F. K.  Addo, Accra, Ghana   04/06/06
Good article, but my take
Senyo, You are awesome and I applaud your thesis. I will add that people tend to disagree because our beliefs/opinions tend to be short of proof. And surprisingly, we enter into contracts/agreements presuming (most times) that we have absolute proofs. When the outcomes of our actions are unexpected we then try to back away from their consequences either to minimise costs and/or expense or to feign partial or complete ignorance. Anyway, I agree that you have written a nice piece and I think other "unique individuals with independent minds and lines of reasoning" would hold similar opinions too. I wish you sufficient ink in your pen:)

nat Tay, Tema Gh   04/05/06
This is great