Comments: Should We Negotiate with Hamas? Interview with Former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami

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arab , Amman jo   11/08/10
no israel
There is no state called Israel. State of thieves called Israel a basis of the displacement and killing of Innocent nation . state of thieves basis bloodshed and war And the arrest of people for tens of years to prevent him from claiming The right to life . basis steal the land of the Palestinian people And then steal the land of the Arab-Muslim the entire .State of the thieves do not know the law ..... Does not recognize the law of the United Nations, a state that considers itself above the law . the law is the siege of Gaza And the bloodshed and destruction of houses and killing innocent people and occupying the country This is a country named Israel thieves

abu , Amman jo   08/20/10
no irael
The reasons for Arab-Israeli conflict is the occupation of Palestine in 1948. Palestine Arab Islamic state like the rest of the Arab and Islamic states surrounding Them. Means that there are Jews and Zionists in Palestine a big mistake, because this entity Zionist is not consistent with the surrounding area (such as language, customs, traditions and religion) The only solution to end the Arab-Israeli conflict is the expulsion of Jews from Palestine All of Palestine. The Jewish people will not rest and will not feel comfortable and stability But if it gets out of Palestine and the Middle East completely. If people continue to Jews in Palestine and the Middle East, the death and destruction will continue. Palestine Arab Islamic state and will remain

Charles Parselle, Los Angeless CA     03/18/06
If war is continuation of diplomacy by other means, and negotiation is war waged with kisses, then the only difference is the quality of the communication - bullets vs. words - plus war's insistence that there be a definite result. Hamas' refusal to recognize Israel is a 'position,' and Israel's reluctance to talk with Hamas is also a position. The characteristic of 'position' is immobility; the reason for communication is movement. Personally, I would prefer to talk with someone who doesn't recogize my existence, than be blown up by the same person who doesn't recognize my existence. So I would talk with Hamas; then the problem becomes Hamas' problem - how to communicate with what they purportedly regard as 'non-existent.'