Comments: Shifting The Strange Attractor: An Exploration of Chaos and Change Agency

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Mimi Lyster     11/14/05
patterns within the conflict
Thanks for your question, Christian. My intent was to encourage us to differentiate between the way conflicts are initiated, as well as how they tend to unfold once people are engaged. When there is an ongoing relationship, there are often several patterns that emerge at different points leading up to and including the conflict (and following the conflict for that matter). Noticing these patterns and the differences between them can provide important clues about possible intervention points and strategies that are more likely to be congruent with the parties' experience.

christian herzeca, New York NY   11/11/05
Interesting analogy to strange attractors as the basis for crystallizing conflict in a social group. You say " It is not enough to see that there are entrenched patterns of conflict. It is more important to notice the patterns within the conflict. Once identified, these patterns shed light on the underlying forces that must be redirected if the system is to change in any meaningful way." I am not sure what you mean by patterns within the conflict, or rather how those patterns differ from the pattern of conflict itself.