Comments: Conflict Resolution Toolbox: Introduction

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Paul  Lurie, Chicago IL   09/02/05
The Importance of Diagnostics
While I have not yet read the book, I certainly concur with approach. In my experience, mediators do not spend enough time in the "diagnosis" phase which is critical for applying the right "treatment model." Selecting the right treatment model should occur in the "process design" phase which should involve a collaboration between mediators and the parties or their agents. I work as a commercial mediator. In business disputes ,an understanding of the business and legal customs and the psycho/economic principles that are preventing settlement are both critical for a proper diagnosis.

Leo , Honolulu HI   09/01/05
Root Cause
In a dialogue with my client base I was recently asked how do you determine root cause? Could you please address this and a follow-up question of how imprtant is it when parties are seeking agreement?