Comments: When Logic Just Doesn't Work

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Michael Leech, Chicago IL     09/06/05
This comes up in mediating sexual harassment cases. A quiet "That really hurt" after the narrative may be enough. I may add, "People in your situation just want to make it stop. But you probably knew at the time that it would cause things to change in ways that made it difficult for you. Because you and thousands of others have stood up to something that is just wrong, our culture is changing, one workplace at a time. You did the right thing and have had an impact. Now it is time to take care of yourself--you need healing. Reliving it over and over again will make it worse, not better.

Nancy , San Jose CA     08/13/05
I am a non-attorney mediator. I agree strongly that to have mediation/negotiation work well, the parties need to make emotional connection. The one suggested dialogue to the stuck party was very good. Any other "things to say" to the party to help with this? Thanks. Nancy