Comments: Difficult Conversations

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David , Jacksonville FL   09/18/06
Good advice
Well written, and well worth your time to read. Trime understands the subtleties of human relationships, and provides tips that really work.

Bart , BE   08/20/06
I think this article contains excellent tips. I read this before having a quite difficult conversation with the girl I love. After some vain attempts during the past years, I decided to check out Google, and found this article. Just did as written: ask first, although she was quite suprised, she agreed, then a statement brief & straight to the point and wait for her reply. And then listen. It really was the first time we could talk for more than two hours without one of us wanting to run away. It's all about listening I think. It seems one gets to know a lot more by talking and asking less. The relief of understanding how she feels came itself. Why don't we get any simple tips like this in our education, I think this would help a lot of people... Thank you a lot! Bart