Comments: A Coach Approach For Conflict Management Training

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Jim , Springfield MO   11/25/08
Article Review
Not a bad article, Cinnie. But your punctuation was horrible, detracting from the professionalism of your writing. Work on the mechanics and a little on word-choice and your article will be stellar. Substantively the piece was very informative and pregnant with possibilities for advancing conflict coaching in business and elsewhere. Nicely done.

Bart Castle, Bedford TX  BARTCASTLE@SAPIOGROUP.COM     01/16/07
Necessity of Interactive, Sustained Training
As alluded to here, conflict resolution is an acquired skill. For some reason with other acquired skills such as becoming a concert pianist, an accomplished public speaker or a professional athlete the vast majority of individuals would believe it silly to assume high levels of skill either just happened, or were attainable as the result of a seminar or two. Yet, with leadership and its companion skills (such as conflict resolution) many people seem to assume either, such skill is easily acquired, quickly or possessed only by those who have such skill as a gift of nature. ANYONE can be more effective at conflict resolution. The question, as alluded to in this piece is not "if" rather "will." As in, will he or she invest the time and energy necessary via such practices as debriefing conflict scenarios (pro and con), journaling conflict scenarios (again for what went well and not so well) and rehearsing how to react prior to a potential conflict scenario (not to pre-determine the response rather to simply become more comfortable with possible options). Thank you for an important reminder.