Comments: Your Brother’s Keeper:An Ethic Of Compassion For Mediators

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Nik , richmond va   04/06/05
Not only is the author onto something, he's onto the right thing. As mediator's, I feel we should view ourselves as "peacemakers" and Mr. Harralson's article defines and details the art of "peacemaking". This is one of the best articles I have ever read about mediation as a discipline and mediators as peacemakers.

Aaron Clewis, Augusta GA   04/06/05
Wonderful article! I agree with the first comment. Not only are you "on to something", this article gives good examples on how we should approach problems, and one another, in the midst of problems. In all, we are our Brother's Keeper, and that transcends race and class. Great article!

Alex  , Maidstone UK   03/03/05
This is a well thought out article and captures some of the spiritual aspects of mediation. Although there are Christian references it also interestingly has a Budhist feel to it. Perhaps the link is taking ourselves beyond the parties and their dispute to think about the world view and our own need for Compassion. Thank you

Charlie  Irvine, Glasgow UK   03/02/05
I really think you are onto something with this. You could call mediation an "accompanying conversation" and a crucial thread in mediation is that of not giving up on people. We bring optimism when they can't feel any; they trust us even when they don't trust each other; and we believe in their ability to sort their own lives out. I think some of what you say is echoed in transformative mediation, although perhaps in less tender language. Like those guys, you have put your finger on something that mediators across the world will identify with, and is a key motivation for messing in other people's troubles.

Rachel Green, Brooklyn NY     03/02/05
Beautiful and inspiring article. I agree with the author that this should be the ideal for mediation - and through the mediator's compassion and understanding comes an endless opportunity for surprise, growth and resolution.