Comments: A Dialogue with Sharon Salzberg about Spirituality, Conflict and the Power of Mediation

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Cynthia Pembroke, Atlanta GA     10/17/05
an artist's illustration of meditation's usefulness for conflict resolution
If before the meeting we look inward, balance ourselves, and open our eyes clearly,... Might we see a new, more positive playing field? I invite you to visit my "George and the Dragon" fable, a lighthearted and peaceful twist to the older story of Saint George slaying the Dragon. Enjoy:

Steven Louie, Apache Junction AZ     02/17/05
Domestic Violence with Compassion as Antidote
There's a saying, "when the student is ready the teacher appears." I have this sense that the world is becoming increasingly prepared to hear the wisdom of mindfulness meditation as espoused by the Dalai Lama. Certainly the need for it is transparent in a world that assaults all of us with a seemingly endless series of violent experiences (some even made virtual). I appreciated your interview with Sharon Salzberg because my experience with participants in a domestic violence class clearly demonstrates what a lack of compassion produces as a result in both men and women. In science sometimes, the blunt portrayal of a hypothesis is somewhat harmful because it focuses on the a symptom and not the cause. Well done.

JJ , Bend OR   01/06/05
Salzberg article
what a lucid and to the point article! most excellent interview!