Comments: Mediation And Meditation (Part II) How To Meditate

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Jennifer Grammer, IN     05/10/06
In obtaining a state of inner calmness in light of mediation, the mediator must first understand the principals relative to the aspect of spirituality: detachment, neutral observation, and understanding the multiple effects that a conflict has not only on the facilitator (as observer), but the participants in dispute. Detachment allows the mediator to first be masterful of his or her own emotions and be unaffected by the outcome. Neutral observation places the mediator in a position of aerial viewing of all the factors surrounding the conflict. The multiplicity of possible outcomes can with the right spiritual mindset, be merged into a unified state of resolution.

Gregg , San Diego CA     11/29/04
I found your article to be very interesting. Your topic focuses on an important factor in the mediation process--the mediator's presence and its effect on the participants and the process. After a recent mediation involving a Chinese software company, the lawyer for the Chinese company sent me this beautiful and thought-provoking poem by the Taoist philosopher, Chuang Tzu: People do not mirror themselves in running water, Rather, they mirror themselves in still water, Only that which is still, Can still the stillness in others. Thank you for touching on this important and intriguing subject. Gregg Relyea