Comments: I Know It’s Not My Problem-But It Happened On My Watch

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Carol , buffalo NY   05/26/04
It always happens on my watch...
Terrific article that summarizes good mediation techique. Our work is with high conflict families. We often begin the process by laying out some of the future options so there are no surprises. I look forward to more information like this. Thanks.

Robert N. , Laguna Beach Ca   05/24/04
Thanks, Geoff, for the fantastic article. Thanks, too, for taking the time to gather the insight from others and for sharing yours and theirs with us. We all find ourselves there in that lonely, painful spot wondering if what we plan to do next has had any success.

Sally    05/16/04
Great article. You have raised a very interesting point. How far do mediators go and what drives them - their own ego and resolution rates or what the clients actually want??