Comments: Applying Pre-Litigation Mediation to Internal Disputes in Pharmaceutical Construction Teams

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Leo  , Solebury Pa   04/22/04
Adding a thought to Ms. Gerardi's comment on hospital IT projects, where error or failure is not an option, it has been my experience that at times IT personnel believe they can automate anything. When the product does not do what the client thought it would do they take the position that IT can't do anything right. Perfect conditions for harmful disputes. The mediator's role can be to add "objective reality" to reach a solution that saves not only capital but peoples lives.

Debra Gerardi, Mountain View CA     04/20/04
Application to hospitals
Many thanks for this article. We work with a healthcare information technology consulting firm to incorporate mediation/ team management components into project plans for implementation of complex healthcare IT software in hospitals. The fundamental changes in workflow and high stakes costs of these systems requires optimal use of resources and maintaining good working relationships is key to success. This is a great area for mediators to get more involved!

Leo Hura, Solebury Pa   04/06/04
Professor Kugler provides insight for commercial mediation community action to develop and provide suitable material to include mediation in the curriculum for those fields that commonly enter into the corporate world (e.g. MBA's, engineer's, procurement). Application and use will follow.

Jacek Kugler, Claremont CA     04/06/04
I recommend this excellent overview of the advantages and pitfalls of mediation. Hura shows why enertring into mediation is a positive sign that avoids "churn". He relates time lost and business effectiveness directly to a prompt and supportive mediation process. The argument is based on long experience and a clear understanding of business. Excellent. Will adopt for my management class.