Comments: How To Handle Difficult Behavior In The Workplace

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julie , South Saint Paul mn     02/19/14
iam a caretaker for 4 years at the same place ive been harassed by 2 residents my boss has reconized this as well and brought to my attention what should I do

Pinki , Mumbai   04/06/12
really difficult to bare or compromise with Mistake of Seniors
in one IT company one superboss came with some CIO's ref. & given such a powerful post. superboss is lacking many deserving capabilities for that post. Feeling of insecurity makes him to misuse the power of the position, and makes such a baseless decisions against the subordinates and higher managaement supports also as came by CIO's ref. HR also is not able to help the subordinates and team members. When difficult behavior is intentional and fully planned, and also a strong backing of the power - do we have any other option other than quiting that job. going against to such scenario lead u to face many things like hurting own self respect, unwanted stress and many such things. Why in Indian company such things are getting more strength then skills? what is the use of CIO's education when he supports such a dump and irresponsible people who misuses the given power. Why people do not have guts to stand unitly against any such situation? Do we have any option where we can handle such situations?

Challenged , Keller TX   12/15/10
I am in a management situation and have been written up for verbal and written communication style that is inappropriate. The only problem is these allegations are completely false. The person that made them has since then come forward and told me that upon further investigation that he feels that I did nothing wrong and that his employees created the whole affair. Unfortunately, my boss believes his first report and I was written up for things that never happened. Do I have the client write a letter explaining his new view? If I complain myself it just looks like I am defensive.

cathy vargo , parma oh   10/15/10
How should I calm down ,solve this issue? please replay

cathy vargo , parma oh   10/15/10
different shift ran different
I worked 3 different shifts and noticed all shifts job titles responsibilities are different this is not sitting well with me. I was taught good work ethics worked as a team help out when needed for 4 years.Next I became a operator on a different shift hoping I would receive the same support from my peers as long as I asked nicely taking the lead position.Now 2 weeks into a new shift (1st) I'm being told word of advice don't tell us what to do we know our job! I can't stand people not being utilized like I was they want to support when they want on their accord.I think this attitude is not working. they keep telling me this is not 2nd shift we do things different. Do I bring this issue up to my new supervisor or put my hands in my pockets and let people lead me around and do the work I feel they could be doing to help out our team .I know its the supervisors fault for allowing this to occurs Its not fair . they think I feel I'm above them I don't I would like them to feel how a operator feels when they have no support from their peers because they choose not to help with certain job tasks.

Gloria , El Paso TX   04/04/10
The situation is now 6 months old and what I recognize after reading your article, is that I am embarrased with a fellow employee's behavior. We belong to the same company but we do not hold the same opinions, beliefs and behavior. Only way to separate from the situation is to quit. Changing an employee's unacceptable behavior is not in my control; much less in my job description. We are after all, judged by the company we keep.

, Oklahoma City Ok   06/25/08
Playing with a full deck
I work at the VA in OKC and often do not sense a spirit of cohesiveness. Unless an employee here is a member of management, there does not seem to be an atmosphere of respect. I moved here from the east coast almost 25 years ago and have noticed it's a cultural issue all over this state. I don't think people here understand what "respect" is and there is a severe lack of cooperation with authority figures directly linked to the absence of mutual respect. Your article is sound, but it assumes all players understand, are aware of and use all of the elements you present. I don't think what you propose would be successful in this workplace.

Chris Clark, Vancouver BC   07/09/05
Thank you Tony! Understanding the psychological needs and origin of conflict is a great help in diffusing a situation. I'm glad to find such advice on the net. I'm in management, and I am working to resolve employee conflict. I may now go into my meeting with a better understanding of what is happening with my staff. Much appreciated.

Kirsten , Peoria AZ     02/15/05
I have an issues that's a potential emotional landmine coming up this week and this is great information. I was searching for an article I could do a comparitive analysis on for my MBA Ethics class and found some personal benefit! Very specific, very balanced advice.

Kevin , Edinburgh     09/08/04
I can understand Avik's comment, I've been there myself. My way of coping? I learnt to breathe, (sounds silly, I know), but it was about reaching for that inner calm that allows your rationale, objective, yet committed self, to address the pressure of peer, time, and expectations. Learning to breath gave me that 'time' to delve deeper and aim for a mind set that allows me to do a reasonable job. I would also say to people feeling the same thing, "Don't beat yourself up, you're doing okay."

Avik , Kolkata WB   09/08/04
I feel the suggestions are invaluable but I wish I had the calm to use it in day to day conflicts.

Kevin , UK   07/30/04
I support the other comments regarding this article. I use simulation methods to create 'virtual' realities and this work articulates, brilliantly and clearly, the issues I have faced when enabling participants to confront the 'non-discussibles'. Seminal work.

joan    07/07/04
this IS incredibly informative. though how do you deal with chronic out-and-out rudeness (being interrupted in presentations, for example) by a superior? just get another job?

I firmly believe the professor I sat under for several classes in mediation and the author of this article must have been classmates. He taught the basic same principles, and principles which I too use in mediations. Thanks for printing such a true and accurate message to the world.

Bruce , Palermo ME   03/05/04
If everyone used these principles, work would no longer be "work".

vickie williams, hampton va     03/04/04
conflict in the workplace
I have to say that this is probably the most honest and informative article about conflict in the workplace, as a mediator , conflict resolution specialist as well as a reformed prepertrator of conflict in the workplace, i truly believe that confict is a good thing not bad that it has roots in every solution for every problem if we understand the source and not the outcome of the instigation or the method behind it . keep up the good work !!