Comments: Italian businesses, mediation, could it be? The mediation bridge: An idea becoming reality

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Josephine , WollongongNSWAustralia     10/14/11
Crossing the Bridges
Great initiative Alessandra!!! What are your comments as to Italian lawyers going on strike when the Italian parliament passed the new law initiating ADR and mediation as the first point of call prior to civil litigation? This happened in May 2011 and read it here on Australian newspapers. I worked for Community Justice Centres as an Accredited Mediator. CJC Act of 1983is our basis of work. Mediation started in the Philippines officially in 2007 only. However, they have the grassroots negotiation and mediation way back the natives way and still practice in the local community ("barangay" captains chairing the dispute hearing). We are currently initiating a cross-border collaboration to help each country and learn from each other ADR practices. Congratulations Alessandra. I will keep myself posted on your blog.

Noel , 38.000000 mt   02/11/09
I mediate for Justice Court, Civil, District and also do Restorative Justice (VOD). If I spent a couple months in Italy, what would be the chance I could mediatae or even volunteer? Noel

Ewan Malcolm, Edinburgh UK     12/22/03
Bridges Internationally
From this North Western corner of Europe, I would echo the encouragement from HK that bridges be extended between and among as many countries as possible. Scotland enjoys very friendly and supportive relations with the mediation community in Maryland, a State that has a similar population size (5,1 m) and geography. Last month I travelled in Bhutan in the Himalayas where I understand 20% of all litigated cases are mediated to a mutually acceptable conclusion. We can learn so much by travelling beyond the end of our streets. Thanks for starting this going, Alessanda!

Cheng , Hong Kong     11/28/03
Alessandra, The bridging idea is very good.I can share your experience and the excitment in the first instance to learn about mediation. I am a semi-retirement businessman, should I learn this skill younger I could retire earlier. The obstacles and responses you have encountered in Italy are similar in Hong Kong.If possible, should we extend the mediation bridge internationally?