Comments: Dogs As Conflict Mediators

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ana , olympia WA   01/11/07
Dear Bean, From Twink
Hello Bean, I hear that you are in the field of conflict management. Me too. I am a 3 lb Yorkie who knows how to 3D breathe when the atmosphere thickens and the preverbial starts flying.Watch for my article entitled TWINK-AN-EYE, soon to be on Wishing you many happy walks and sniffs. Twink

Skip    07/08/05
"You can run with the big dogs or sit on the porch and bark!" Wallace Arnold "The average dog is a nicer person than the average person!" - Andy Rooney "To err is human: To forgive, Canine!" - Anonymous "The more people I met the more I like my dog!" -Unknown My dog is usually pleased with what I do, because she (he) is not infected with the concept of what I "should" be doing! - Lonzo Idolswine

Cynthia Whitehead, Berkeley CA     08/09/03
cats as international negotiators
In 1978, I helped organise a 3-day workshop on the international control of trade in dangerous chemicals. Relations between the US and Europe were at the lowest point in a decade, so we invited all the individuals involved to come to a small French chateau outside Paris, and discuss the issues "as individuals". Negotiations and position statements were forbidden. On the afternoon of the first day,when tempers were rising, suddenly the tall, doors to the room creaked open, a black and white cat walked in, jumped up on the long conference table, silently strolled down to the other end, jumped down and walked away. The 25 participants burst out laughing. For the rest of the workshop, whenever the tensions threatened, someone would say "time to get the cat back in here!"

mieke , brisbane ql   08/07/03
hi, we worked wirh a visually impaired mediator and guidedog in parent/adolescent mediation, the dog was a great asset! cheers all mieke

KateM Cusick, Ferndale NY     08/07/03
Animals in Therapy/Mediation
I breed Akitas. When I was in private practice (psychologist)my dogs (three)always attended the sessions. At one point I had a very difficult client who had no positive connections to anyone (family, friends, or community), yet when he came into my office and sat down, my young bitch Nessie would get up on the sofa with him and tuck her head into his neck, and nuzzle him. It made a profound difference in his life & a little later he was able to get a dog for himself.

Linda Liljedahl, Baton Rouge LA     08/07/03
Animals and Mediation
I have been allowing my two Maine Coon cats join all my mediations, as well as my mediation, arbitration & ADR training seminars, for years. As Robert says, they add positive distractions, a calming influence and their unique personalities to the ongoing human dispute or role-play. Every time I threaten to remove them, the participants assure me they are welcome there (perhaps more than I am at times!). I do ask if anyone is allergic before we start, and so far, even those who swore they were, decided they wanted the feline company anyway. For those who have this opportunity, I say: Try it. I bet you'll like the results.

Nancy Koeber, Chicago IL     08/07/03
So much for our arrogant belief in the primacy of rational thought! This demonstrates our embeddedness in the non-human environment and that other species have much to teach. I wonder if my cat Pal could be of assistance!

Colm Brannigan, Brampton On     08/07/03
Great article, I often (with client permission) have my 8 year old Golden Retriever "sit in" in family mediations and find him a very positive presence for my clients.