Comments: The Allagash: A Case Study of a Successful Environmental Mediation

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Liara Covert     11/09/04
Cross-cultural negotiation
Being from southern NB, I know Maine wilderness. I was happy to find this 'small-scale' case of effective mediation strategy. My own experience in cross-cultural communications has mostly focused on larger, multinational case studies. The many actors in this localized example remind us that once they're all at the table, simply sharing personal experience can foster respect and understanding that helps move closer to achieving mutual goals. Consensus-building in larger arenas that involves the cultures of agencies, entities and governments, could learn a lot about efficiency and strategy from this approach to dialogue.

Carrier Jean-François, Ottawa On     10/15/03
Allagash successful environmental mediation
Having been raised in St-François N.-B. Canada, right across from the state of Maine. I'm well aware of the fragility of such beautiful remote rivers. I was particularly suprised to stumble upon this article in the course of my research for my mediation class. I'm presently in law school (Ottawa, Canada), and my main interest is environmental law. I will include this exemple of a successful environmental mediation in my research. Thanks for caring!!!

Dawn Prime Watson, Centennial CO     07/10/03
Your article illustrating the successful "Allagash" mediation was very interesting and helpful. Thanks for sharing that experience. I have canoed parts of the Allagash; I treasure those memories. It is on of the most sacred, pure and powerful places on earth. The agreement you were so instrumental in creating is a true success story, the rewards to stakeholders now and going forward are immeasurable.

Margaret , Troy NY   07/10/03
Resource and Land Use Success
As a mediator of planning and land use disputes, I commend the participants for creating the right venue, being well prepared, including diverse stakeholders and providing talented facilitation which converts the fundamental human fuel of HOPE into shared values and agreement. Bravo!

Wanda Joseph, Brethren MI     07/09/03
The description of the skillful facilitation and the dedication of the participants is encouraging. It provides a useful model for some of the similar struggles here in Michigan.

Sandy Mack, Corvallis MT     07/09/03
Thank you for sharing this very instructive example.