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Ash , London   10/23/05
Becoming Reflective Practitioner
I was fascinated by your article. I'm a 66 years old novice (trainee) in mediation after working in business for 38 years. As a senior manager in industry, I was dealing with conflict almost on a daily basis without realising that I was practising the art of conflict resolution. I have joined an academic institution to study conflict resolution. As a newcomer into the field I hypothesise that skill training and knowing the theory will not make some one a great mediator. I think there is something moreis needed. Dare I say it, the persona of the mediator must play a part.Like a good doctor who is often referred to as having healing hands. There is some truth in it. The idea of a magic touch is unscientific but I can't help it. I believe that there is a grain of truth in it. I am ashamed as a scientist to even think in this term. It needs some researh. Thank you, Dr Lang for your very thought provoking article.

Charlie  , Glasgow   06/20/04
Thanks for this piece. I have been wrestling with these issues for some time, and am continually amazed at mediators who seem content to keep doing things the same way. The idea of elicitive questions really rings a bell - I believe that we have to get right inside the word-by-word encounter that is mediation before we can help people to learn effectively. I am also beginning to think who much we need to work on the skill of reading people's body language and expressions - so much of this is instinctive, but you only have to move from one culture to another to realise that it can be learned and re-learned. A helpful article, and I would like to see more on this topic.