Comments: Getting A Divorce? Why You Should Not Just Fight It Out

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Tom , Ottawa On   03/28/08
Well Said! Like many of life's first big events, such as a first love, marriage, children and family deaths, one has very little experience at how to handle a divorce, especially when children are involved. Like nuturing your first baby, common sense and working towards a common goal of raising your child should be the priority when it is time to resolve custody issues. Emotions and passed wrong-doings take center stage when divorce proceedings begin. An ability to accept the past and change or adjust for the future is essential! Again, well said!

Lora , Mission Viejo, CA   04/29/02
I am conducting my own divorce without laywers but through a paralegal group. I wasn't sure what I wanted to stipulate in my parenting agreement and the example given to me from the paralegal group was so vague. After purchasing this book, reading it and working through the worksheets, I came out ready to ROCK! I can't believe how professional and thorough my parenting plan turned out to be. Now getting the ex to sign off on it is another thing. But what I liked about this book the most is it really questioned your motive. And it strongly suggested that you be as fair and equitable as possible for the child's sake. I admit, I began writing my plan out of anger. But in the end, I believe the plan really was created with my daughter's best interest in mind. I definately recommend this book. Be prepared to put some time in into reading and writing. You will not be able to accomplish this overnight.