Comments: In Search of a Profession: Notes From The Frontier

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David Quintana   05/03/03
Marketing is a key issue. If you live up to your marketing campaigns, then you will be able to have a successful mediation pracitce! There is a beginning for everyone as individuals. All private practices have their day of marketing for the exposure until it is an everyday thing to see new clients walk in the door everyday!:) Let's get it together! Let's reach for the sky...mmmm

David Quintana     05/03/03
I agree with the article. The sooner the conflict resolution community begins this credential program the better. However, I feel you are right. We are our own worst enemy. For too long it has been put off and undermined but other careers. I feel the winds of change are beginning to move in our direction. A good example of this? Advanced degrees in Conflict Resolution! A good source for credential is an advanced degree just like a psychologist is expected to earn.

David , Bellevue WA   05/02/03
Let's talk about a plan that will implement the basics of this well thought out and expressed article. Where do we start? Locally? Nationally? I think a marketing awareness campaign of an institutional nature is what is called for.

Margaret , Urbana OH   03/14/03
Glad to hear someone finally saying it -- and so well.

Christine Passnick, Kingston On     03/07/03
Right On!
I agree with what Barry has said. It has been my experience that Realtors, Appraisers, and even Home Inspectors receive a higher degree of recognition and acceptance than do independent fee mediators.

Brian Howe, Conyers GA     03/06/03
Barry, Your article is well written, your thoughts leading edge and I agree. Developing a niche profession complete with distinct certifications/credentials will be one of the key strategies that will make dispute resolution a profession for professionals -- not amateurs. ThinkTank Coaching ---- Business Coach - Mediator - Speaker - Writer

Kate Cusick, Ferndale     03/06/03
Mediation as a Profession
Absolutely! Its time. The Psychologists didnt hesitate to put a doctoral program in place (Psy.D.) in the face of all the Ph.D. programs which did not address Psyhotherapy as legitimate aim of Psychology.

Gary Pinkerton, Charleston SC     03/05/03
Excellent article. Insightful, blunt, and focused. I'm trying to envision there is a majority of professionals who agree, but fear that soft-selling prevails. Thanks for a hard-hitting and accurate perspective.

Colm Brannigan, Brampton On     03/05/03
Terrific article, but why must conflict resolution become a separate profession? Historically it has taken generations for professions to emerge and 25 years seems a bit quick especially when the theory and research has really only started to reach a critical mass in the last 5-10 years? Individuals and organisations should place more emphasis on marketing, but if others believe they are contributing to society through their volunteerism, then let them continue to do good work.

Rachel  Green, brooklyn NY     03/05/03
Great article! I have a thriving private practice in family & divorce mediation, which I've built up by marketing directly to the public. NY is in the process of developing a pilot program for court-ordered mediation. I want to e-mail your article to the administrator! Thanks for good ideas.

Dan King Sr, Dublin GA     02/27/03
Thanks for your article. I am involved in the courthouse market and wish to expand beyond it. I am also interested in the credentialing. What are your specific thoughts about credentialing? Do you see a masters in conflict management or a structured certification program of real value? Thanks. The article was thought provoking.