Comments: Pro-life And Pro-Choice Advocates Seek To Bridge The Great Divide

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STEVEN , Honolulu HI   11/20/12
Perhaps a just legal compromise would be that a human being is a "person" when they first breathe air. Up until that point, it is the mother's responsibility to decide the fate of her child.

daisy  , farmington NM   08/28/04
a woman can't have an abortion if she isn't pregnant. a woman can't get pregnant alone--a man (or in vitro assistence) must be involved. I believe both sides can agree on the above statements. Working on preventing unintended pregnancies and reaching young men about their responsibility in a pregnancy are areas where pro-life and pro-choice advocates can find greater agreement.

Nike  Carstarphen, Takoma Park MD   06/02/02
Common Ground is Not Middle Ground
As one of the authors of this article, I'd like to respond to the comments that there is no middle ground in the abortion conflict. The point of the article was to highlight a dialogue process which seeks to find "common ground." The goal of the common ground approach is not to compromise or find middle ground. The goal is to help adversaries engage in constructive dialogue to increase mutual understanding and respect and to find areas of true common ground around which both sides can work together while still holding true to their respective values and beliefs. And, this is exactly what common ground groups have accomplished across the country.

Christina , Belding MI     04/23/02
A Middle Ground
It is hard to find a middle ground with people that are trying to take my right to a safe and legal abortion away from me. I do think education is the one area where I could see both sides coming together. As they say "Prevention is the best medicine".

julie , adel ga   04/05/02
There is no middle ground on the subject we should all fight to save the babies. They are a gift from God, they are not ours, but his. We are responsible for for all children regardless of age, including unborn children. They are still children.It is not OK to kill the babies!