Comments: Do You Flip Your Lid?

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Cinnie , Toronto On     07/19/14
Response to Do You Flip Your Lid?
Hi Clare - thank you for telling me about Sarah Peyton's great visual image of flipping our lids. It is consistent with what I described in my article though I expect all the more powerful in Sarah's demonstration.

Clare Fowler, Eugene OR   07/19/14
Psychology of flipping your lid
Cinnie, Sarah Peyton (UCLE neurobiologist who became an Oregon mediator) has a very interesting teaching on "flipping your lid." She holds out her hand like a closed fist, except with the thumb tucked inside, and shows how this is like your brain. The fingers on the outside are our Pre-frontal cortex--the part of our brain that responds to logic, reason, and places events in context of past and future. When we are stressed/under attack/very angry, the fist flips open. The pre-frontal cortex lid is literally flipped offline, revealing our amygdalae (the thumb) hidden inside. This amygdalae--the instinctual part of our brain--helps us to fight, flight, our freeze--but is not so helpful at using logic or wisdom to get out of a conflict. I have used this imagery in so many trainings as we can all relate to how our brain just goes off-line when we flip our lid. Thank you for this article--very useful.