Comments: From Problems to People

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Arjun , Beer Sheva   06/01/14
Conflict = differance in openion... i think this is a very poorly marketed trade and that is the stuckness I see with us. I enjoyed the article... Thank you

Bill Withers, Hanover MD   05/23/14
our best selves
Michael: Thank you for this insightful piece. The Calvin and Hobbes cartoon hits the nail on the head. As I read it, I thought, "I wonder what Michael thinks of people bringing their best selves to mediation," and you answered it two paragraphs later. I am convinced that one of the great skills of the mediator is to recognize those moments when the best self emerges, and to artfully engage that aspect of the person. It is often in those moments when the person can transcend pain and separate the other person from the problem. Many thanks.

Kathy Tetu Conflict Management Mediation Services, Newcastle NS   05/20/14
Thanks Michael, i agree that the 'conflict resolution' term is very misleading. Clients come to be seeking this which is often an indication of their natural state of avoidance. Your definition of mediation is great.