Comments: Why Mediation Works When Negotiations Fail

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Charles , San Antonio Tx   09/12/05
Free Divorce Mediation in San Antonio, Texas?
I am glad to see that there are many mediators still contributing to this website. I have relocated back to my home state of Texas and am currently practicing Divorce/Family Mediation in San Antonio. I am currently in the process of expanding my practice to the Latin community. I will be offering divorce mediation in spanish. Estoy muy contento de que ya hayan muchos Mediadores que contribuyen a esta Pagina Web. Estoy actualmente ubicado en mi viejo hogar Texas y actualmente estoy practicando en Mediaciones de Divorcios Familiares en San Antonio, Estoy actualmente en el proceso de ampliacion de esta practica a la Comunidad Latina y estaré ofreciendo Mediaciones de Divorcio en español. Mediaciones de Violencia Domestica gratis. Para ver si Uds califica llamar a 210-204-6711(english) or 210-827-2931(español).

Charles Lenzy, Dothan Al     01/02/04
Staying within the lines.
I must say that i am sorry to hear that a mediator has ignored the best interests of their client. This in turn makes it difficult for those of us who practice within the boundries. The new year hopefully will bring closure to those of you who are seeking an end to a uncomfortable situation or agreement. To assist in this, I am offering all residents of Alabama FREE Mediation Services until the last day of January. Feel free to email me or call jsut to let me know that you saw this post. i also have a website up as well.

Michael Roberts, San Diego CA     08/04/03
Response To
Its always sad for me when I hear stories of mediators who overstep their bounds. As mediators, we must remember that it is the clients interest we are serving and not the mediator's desire to settle the case. Most good mediators know the boundaries and stay focused on the fact that it is the clients' decision as to whether to settle. The mediator's job is to bring them the best offer possible. Mediators will often offer their advise and seek to help the client evaluate their options. However, it goes too far when the mediator substitutes their judgement for that of the client.

confused , ia   08/02/03
iwhat if?
recently we were involved in a situation as the one you described above- however, after reading alot on mediation- im finding that we were not treated fairly in the process. the mediator, was unproffessional, and coherced us into agreements that we tried to protest. after it became clear we wernt getting anywhere, we agreed to terms of mediation- just to be done. now, the other party has not lived up to his end of the agreement- what action can we take to have the mediation agreement voided, and head to arbitration? as well, as how does one file a complaint against a mediator- who acted more as a dictator then a mediator?

Charles Lenzy, Dothan Al     08/21/02
Mediation education
It is great to see that mediation education is spreading like it is. There are still many persons in my area who do not know what mediation is, what it does, or how it works. I am a mediator who specializes in domestic violence. There has been much resistance in this area of the united states for this type of mediation until recently. Thanks to websites like this one, mediation education is made easy by referring those who do not understand, to view these sites and gain insight. Keep it going!

Gary Borger, Cherry Hill, NJ 0800 NJ     08/10/02
Great summary of points to emphasize in educating those who don't understand mediation or even really know what it is as to why it works.