Comments: How Dating Can Cause Stress For Your Child

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Sandy  , Portland OR   03/26/14
All sorts of reasons for dating
I hesitate to comment, because I think you wrote a great article about dating post divorce. Kudos for keeping the gender of the parents out of it! However, specifying early on (in the title?) that your article is focused on divorced couples would instantly help the reader know if this article is for them or not. As a widowed mom, I was sort of bummed to realize that the issues listed mostly weren't for me. Thanks.

Lisa Scholz, Valencia CA     03/25/14
children first
I really appreciated the article about dating and how children feel about it after a divorce. I dealt with it in my personal life, and revisit the issue quite often while mediating divorce. I hear how each party feels about it, but with every new issue that causes a resurgence of emotion, I ask "how do you think your kids feel about that?" It always helps put things back into perspective.