Comments: The Argument As A Persuasive Tool In Negotiation

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muhammed , New Delhi     02/19/14
Interesting..for me (a lawyer)argument is my professional tool. I argue for my client..his version..his emotions with my knowledge. Beyond court room, I hardly argue. I realized that even if you win an argument with a dear one,you won't feel the sense of achievement.. it only leaves a vacuum between us..therefore,I prefer to listen..

david bogan, Auckland 0620 NZ   02/18/14
The Argument As A Persuasive Tool.
Thanks Jeffrey for the great article. I particularly liked your summation where you said that, "...the actors must keep the scene going forward without denying the other actors the opportunity to be heard." That is exactly how I've found it over the last twenty years with the short cut to disaster beginning when you try and disenfranchise some of the players.