Comments: Love, Eros, and Negotiation

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robert  benjamin, Portland OR   09/26/13
Response to Rick Weiler
Rick, Thank you for your thoughtful note. I found it a helpful clarification. In response to your suggestion that I might have referenced "agape" love instead of, or in addition to eros, I expressly did not do so. While I am aware that eros and romantic love can evolve into the more pure form of agape love, to which those of a more spiritualist persuasion in the field of conflict management profess commitment, I am personally and professionally more interested in the reconciliations that must be obtained in the day to day world. There, in most disputes, the fear, anger and hurt that often result from feelings of love that people thought would last forever, are bruised and battered by intended or unintended actions or slights and people are forced to negotiate and reconcile the "crass" practical realities of business with the purest feelings of love they profess. And on the front side of relationships, the greater awareness and skill of people to manage the balancing might serve them well. best regards, robert