Comments: Virtually Everyone is Touched in Some Way By Divorce

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Rachel Virk, Sterling VA     08/20/13
Rachel's Response
Thank you for your comment Diane. No, the stages are not linear - each party goes back and forth through them. Please also understand that this article (one of many) has a certain tone, to address situations where it is best for someone to maybe shift his or her thinking. In practice, not only do you not know my story, but you do not know the extent to which we good divorce attorneys hand hold and otherwise encourage our male and female clients through this difficult journey of personal growth. This one article is not a measure of the empathy I show my clients in my practice. Yes, every situation is different, and I take very seriously that I am an Attorney and COUNSELOR at Law. My tissue box gets constantly replenished!

Diana Mercer, Los Angeles CA     08/20/13
Great Advice, but ....
So everything in this article is correct, but in my experience, the "buck up" approach is definitely not one size fits all. Very few people can just "deal with it." The demise of a marriage is like a death, and the stages of grief aren't linear. It sounds like this author hasn't been divorced herself. I thought like she did when I was a divorce lawyer and before I got divorced myself. Once I got a taste of what going through a divorce felt like, I got a more empathetic, softer touch.