Comments: Hope is the Best Medicine

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Caryn , Sydney NS   09/06/13
Hi Fredrike, Neil, and all those that contacted me privately, Thanks for your kind words. I am happy to hear you enjoyed the article. I certainly believe hope is one of the cornerstones of our practice. Not to be underestimated!Fredrike - I was at your presentation last year. Thank you. I really enjoyed it. I also use solution-focused approaches / positive psychology strategies in mediation. I hope this message reaches you both. I have tried to send this message a number of times and it doesn’t seem to have worked. Warmly,Caryn

Neil , Lincoln UK   08/05/13
Thank you for this and for the pointers to texts on hope theory. It is always fascinating to see some of the research behind the things that we suspect - in this case that we should not give up hope. I'll go and have a look and also at Fredrike's work as well. Regards Neil

Fredrike Bannink, Amsterdam   08/02/13
hope theory
Hi Caryn, Thank you for your great article on hope and hope theory. I agree with you that bringing hope to the table is a very important part of helping people change. I write about hope and mediation too (Handbook of Solution Focused Conflict Management, 2010) and presented on this topic (and on hope theory) at the National Mediation Conference in Sydney 2012. All the best, Fredrike Bannink