Comments: Is Agreement the Gold Standard for Mediation Success?

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, Richmond Hill   07/22/13
I particularly liked your explanation of how a mediation can be a great way to reach an understanding that an agreement is not desirable – this can be a taboo topic but important for mediators to be unbiased and support self-determination rather than try to push an agreement.

Paulyn Marrinan Quinn, Dublin     07/09/13
Your article on expectations from Mediation
Thank you. I believe that this message needs to be reinforced. I put emphasis on this theme when teaching and training Mediation/ADRs in the Course (Post Graduate: Conflict & Dispute Resolution Studies) I founded in Trinity College Dublin in 2000. Much appreciated tone of wisdom and authority.

kathy goodman, New York NY     06/13/13
This article offers a much needed conversation around all the possible outcomes in mediation, including the value in certain contexts of no agreement. On a personal level as a mediator, it expands my own thinking. Thank you, Kathy Goodman

Charlie , Glasgow   06/12/13
A really thoughtful article which all mediators would do well to read. Thanks.