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 Summer Institute for Beginning Teachers
ACU Department of Education &
Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution
Abilene Christian University
June 13 – 14, 2013

Who We Serve
Educators striving to cultivate a collaborative education environment. Each year, the Department of Education at Abilene Christian University convenes its Summer Institute for Beginning Teachers. On several occasions, the Duncum Center has been invited to partner in the experience. Eligible participants in the program are all ACU alumni who graduated with a teaching certificate between December 2007 and December 2012 and who are in their first five years of teaching.

This year's Summer Institute for Beginning Teachers examines school conflict management and mediation. Using proven, hands-on training methods, Duncum Center trainers focus on bringing out each teacher's natural ability and personal style. Specifically, beginning teachers learn how to:

  • Dissect the dynamics present in conflict.
  • Apply conflict resolution strategies from the Dual Concern Model.
  • Strengthen relationships with students, parents, colleagues, and administrators.
  • Find creative solutions through interest-based negotiation and mediation.
  • Lead as a peacemaker from any position within the education system.
  • Intervene in student bullying.

About the Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution
The Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution at ACU has been providing services, training and graduate programs in conflict resolution since 2000. Specifically, the Duncum Center has been equipping educators since 2007 through the Certificate in Conflict Resolution for Educators, a program specially designed for Master of Education students at ACU. Further, the Duncum Center partnered with ACU’s Department of Teacher Education in June 2012 to provide a CRETE (Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education) training to in-service and pre-service teachers.

The Duncum Center also offers a Certificate in Conflict Resolution and a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation. 

The following faculty will be training at the Summer Teacher’s Institute:

  • Joe L. “Joey” Cope, J.D. – Executive Director & Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution, Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution
  • Garry P. Bailey, Ph.D. – Academic Director & Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution, Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution
  • Matthew Dodd, Ph.D. – Asst. Professor of Conflict Resolution
  • Kipi Ward, ABD – Ph.D. Candidate in Conflict Analysis & Resolution (background in education, assisted with design of Conflict Resolution in Schools course)
  • Lori Anne Shaw, M.S. – Asst. Direct for Program Development, Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution

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