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by Christopher Honeyman
October 2010

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Christopher Honeyman speaks on megatrends involving politics at the Keystone Conference, October, 2006.


Christopher Honeyman is managing partner of Convenor Conflict Management, based in Madison, Wis. and Washington, DC. He has served as mediator, arbitrator and in other neutral capacities in more than 2,000 disputes since the 1970s, and as a consultant to numerous academic and practical conflict resolution programs in the U.S. and abroad. He was director of a succession of Hewlett Foundation-funded R&D programs of national scale, the Test Design Project (on mediator competency, 1990-1995); Theory to Practice (on scholar-practitioner communication, 1997-2002); and Broad Field (2002-2005, the project from which The Negotiator's Fieldbook (ABA, 2006) originated. Honeyman is author or co-author of more than 50 published articles, book chapters and monographs on dispute resolution ethics, quality control and infrastructure development.

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