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Interview with John Helie

by John Helie

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This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with John Helie, founder of ConflictNet and co-Founder of, filmed as part of's "The Mediators: Views from the Eye of the Storm" Series.


As one of the founding directors of the Mediation Information and Resource Center, John Helie continues his commitment to dispute resolution and the Internet. John founded ConflictNet in 1989, as a communication, forum and information sharing network for the Conflict Resolution Practitioners community. A trained mediator and facilitator, John has pioneered work being done with online conflict and communication. His interest in conflict resolution and the Internet led to his involvement with RuleNet, an Internet/Web based Regulatory Negotiation Process sponsored by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He designed software tools for building and evaluating consensus within the RuleNet project and was the first facilitator to use this technology.

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