Clarence Cramer: Courts and Domestic Violence - Video

by Clarence Cramer
April 2010

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Clarence Cramer discusses when a court should get involved in a case that involves domestic violence. He analyzes the different points made by advocacy groups that seek to protect victims of domestic violence, but also looks at what are the best resources for victims.


CLARENCE CRAMER, M.A., LPC. (ACR Sections Director)
Director, Family Services of the Conciliation Court
Coolidge, AZ
Clarence Cramer has been the director of an Arizona Conciliation Court since 1977, a divorce and family mediator since 1980, and a mediator trainer since 1983. He also engages in volunteer work with his two certified therapy dogs. Mr. Cramer serves on the ACR Family Section Advisory Council and is the Chair of the Family Section Ethics Committee.

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