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UK mediation group aims is to create 'badge of seniority' analogous to Silk

by Geoff Sharp

From the blog mediator blah...blah...

Geoff Sharp

In a sign of our maturing profession, a small group of UK's mediation aristocracy known as The Panel of Independent Mediators plan to create 'a badge of seniority in the mediation profession analogous to the QC kite mark enjoyed by senior barristers' according to the latest issue of The Mediator Magazine.

PIM, formed in the late '90's, is thought to handle a staggering one in five of all UK mediations from within its ranks. The collective has 18 veteran mediators on its books, all of whom have been mediating for more than 10 years.

From this day on the group formally known as PIM will henceforth be known as PIM Senior Mediators and aims to grow significantly, initially in the UK and later beyond [read more].

And yes, by all means ask - but don't wait by the phone - membership remains by invitation only.

P.S - this blog, in an effort to curry favour at the Royal Court, has featured many PIM mediators in the past, including;

Henry Brown
David Miles and David Richbell
Tony Willis (Chair of PIM)
David Shapiro
Andrew Paton, Jane Andrewartha and Michel Kallipetis QC


Geoff Sharp is a Commercial Mediator from Wellington, New Zealand. Geoff works in the Asia Pacific region, including New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand and Pacific Islands. He is a mediator resolving business problems. He is a fellow of the International Academy of Mediators and mediates complex and hotly debated litigation covering a wide range of subject matter from insurance disputes to historic sexual abuse claims.

Geoff is author of the award winning blog mediator blah...blah... a mediation blog experiment in reflective practice and the Mediation vBlog Project, a kind of mediation genome project by video blog.

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