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Artificial Intelligence and Online Dispute Resolution

by Arno Lodder, John Zeleznikow
March 2013

This chapter is from "Online Dispute Resolution Theory and Practice," Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Ethan Katsh & Daniel Rainey ( Eds.), published, sold and distributed by Eleven International Publishing. The Hague, Netherlands at:

This chapter examines current research on Artificial Intelligence, Negotiation and Online Dispute Resolution and investigates the development of current applications.

In our 2005 Harvard Negotiation Law Journal article, we claim: "Artificial Intelligence involves the study of automated human intelligence. This includes both practically - oriented research, such as building computer applications that perform tasks requiring human intelligence, and fundamental research, such as determining how to represent knowledge in a computer comprehensible form. At the intersection of Artificial Intelligence on the one hand and law on the other lies a field dedicated to the use of advanced computer technology for legal purposes."

We have developed a three step model for Online Dispute Resolution. The Online Dispute Resolution environment should be envisioned as a virtual space in which disputants have a variety of dispute resolution tools at their disposal. Participants can select any tool they consider appropriate for the resolution of their conflict and use the tools in any order or manner they desire, or they can be guided through the process.


lodder_zeleznikow.pdf Chapter 4: Artificial Intelligence and Online Dispute Resolution  (lodder_zeleznikow.pdf)


Arno Lodder

Arno R. Lodder is professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at the department of Transnational Legal Studies of VU University Amsterdam. His research focuses on the tension between what is technically possible and legally allowed, e.g. on Cyberwar, The Internetof Things andtheEUFP7Hemolia-project Anti Money Laundering (2011-2014). Lodder published on various topics such as spam, social networks, virtual worlds, electronic signatures, and online dispute resolution (e.g., in 2010 with John Zeleznikow Enhanced Dispute Resolution through the use of Information Technology published by Cambridge University Press).

John Zeleznikow is the Professor of Decision Support and Dispute Management and Associate Dean Research in the Faculty of Business and Law at Victoria University in Melbourne Australia. He has co-authored three research monographs in Law and Technology (A. Lodder and J. Zeleznikow, Enhanced Dispute Resolution Through the Use of Information Technology, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2010 has recently appeared), written over sixty refereed journal articles, successfully supervised thirteen Ph.D. students and has over USD seven million research grants, primarily about enhancing dispute resolution.